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Side Channel Blower Applications – Complete Guide

Side channel blower applications are quite extensive at present. It can replace many other types of blower on the market, such as Vacuum pumps, Roots blowers and so on. Compared with the ……

Side channel blower applications are quite extensive at present.

It can replace many other types of blower on the market, such as Vacuum pumps, Roots blowers and so on.

Compared with the current types of blower, side channel blower actually has its very excellent competitive advantage.

Side channel blower applications

Side Channel Blower Features

  • 1.Maintenance free
  • 2.Excellent performance flow up to 2480㎡/h
  • 3.Can be applied to 50/60hz
  • 4.Easy to install and no vibration
  • 5.Higher stress ratio
  • 6.Long service life, can work continuously for up to 2 years
  • 7.100% oil free
  • 8.Compared with the size of the market blower is smaller and easier to place
  • 9.Various models can be customized, such as ATEX motor, Teflon coating, IE2/IE3 motor, etc.

After saying the characteristics of the side channel blower, we will immediately enter the focus of today.

Where the industry can use the blower, what they are used to do?

Trust me, look down and you’ll see that you’re using it in your everyday life without even realizing it.

Side Channel Blower Applications

1.Industrial vacuum

Industrial vacuuming mainly uses the negative pressure capacity of the side channel blower, which can produce high pressure air to inhale the particles and dust generated in the work and purify the working environment.

In CNC industry, cutting will inevitably produce splashing powder, and these residues on the equipment will certainly have an impact on the equipment, side channel blower can perfectly solve this problem.

In mining industry, dust generated during mining is a great threat to the health of workers, and timely treatment is necessary.

2. Material conveying

Side channel blower can use high pressure air to transfer materials from one place to another place is the process of material conveying.

In agricultural production, the side channel blower can collect, transport and store crops to improve farmers’ production efficiency.

3. Adsorption and fixation

The adsorption and fixation use the negative pressure capacity of the side channel blower, which makes the product fixed on the workbench through suction, so as to achieve stable operation.

On the way to CNC processing items, the items need to be stably fixed on the plate, at this time, you need to use the side channel blower.

Automated production lines, such as food, electronic chips, liquid crystal screen processing lines such as processing and testing, the fixed role of the side channel blower is also excellent, it can ensure the normal work of the production line.

4. Gas delivery

Similar to the principle of material transportation, side channel blower through the positive pressure gas transmission to another location is the process of material transportation, the difference is the main transmission of particles and dust material, and gas transport is the main transmission of gas.

In sewage treatment industry, the completed waste gas purification process can be used to transport side channel blower

In oil and gas industry, the side channel blower can also be used to transport gas and oil

5. Dryer

The dryer is the process of blowing away the gas on the surface of the object through the negative pressure gas formed by the side channel blower to achieve drying.

It’s usually used with air knife.

In automatic production line of beverages, some liquid remains on the surface more or less, and the dryer can easily handle this situation.

Paint drying and cleaning drying in the automotive industry are very common processes that can be used on the side channel blower.

6. Vacuum conveying

Vacuum conveying is mainly to deal with heavier materials and products that are easily affected by oxygen.

In electroplating industry, the transmission of chemical solutions and powders and other materials that are easy to react with oxygen, the effect of vacuum transportation is very obvious.

7. Stir the solution

As the name suggests, the side channel blower through the positive pressure generated by the air into the liquid, so that the material in the reaction tank full fusion of a process is the solution stirring.

Solution stirring in electroplating industry is a very critical step, which can make the chemical substances fully integrated and evenly distributed, so that the effect of electroplating is better

8. Aeration

Side channel blower into the liquid process will increase the oxygen content at the same time, aeration is a common water treatment process.

In aquaculture, aeration can provide sufficient oxygen for aquatic organisms and improve the water quality environment of the pond, which plays an important role in the growth of aquatic organisms

In wastewater treatment industry, aeration can provide oxygen supply and facilitate the process of microbial treatment of organic matter

In SPA pool/pool industry, aeration can remove odors from the water quality and improve the environment of the pool)

Side channel blowers are able to meet most of the industrial needs.

And the use of various accessories can be efficiently adapted, which is a very versatile existence in the blower market.



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