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Side Channel Blower Installation & Precautions

This article will introduce side channel blower installation & precautions.Eeffective and correct installation is critical to the proper operation of the blower. Here is the Side……

This article will introduce side channel blower installation & precautions.
Eeffective and correct installation is critical to the proper operation of the blower.

Here is the Side Channel Blower Installation Guide:

Preparation before installation of Side channel blower

○Before opening the Side channel blower, check

●Whether package is complete and intact,

●Whether parameters of the name plate of the blower meet the requirements,

●Whether accessories are complete.

○Carefully check

●Whether the blower is deformed or damaged during transportation

●Whether the solid parts are loose or fall off

●Whether the impeller has rubbing phenomenon

●Check the parts of the blower.

●If abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be repaired before use.

Pre-use measurement

Use 500V megohm meter to measure the insulation resistance between the blower shell and the motor winding, the value should be greater than 0.5 megohm, otherwise the motor winding should dry it, and the temperature should not exceed 120 ° C when drying.

Prepare various materials, tools and sites required for blower installation.

Side Channel Blower Installation

1.Carefully read the blower instruction manual and product samples.

Familiar with and understand the blower specifications, form, impeller rotation direction and air flow in and out of the direction.


Blower installation must have a safety device to prevent accidents.

And installed and wired by professionals familiar with the relevant safety requirements.


The air pipe connecting the inlet and outlet of the blower must has a separate support.

And the overlapping weight of the pipe not allow to add to the parts of the blower.

The connection between the combination surface of the blower and the foundation and the air outlet pipe should adjust so that it is naturally consistent.


After the blower installed, check the impeller whether there is too tight or rubbing phenomenon.

And confirm whether is obstruction to rotation or abnormal phenomenon.

Before the test run, the exposed part of the blower transmission device should have a protective cover.

If blower air inlet is not connected to the pipeline, It is also necessary to add protective nets or other installation devices.

5.Control Box

The electric control box of the blower must matched with the corresponding blower (referring to power, voltage, pneumatic mode, control form, etc,.).

6.Final Check

Check whether there is any leftover tool box debris inside the blower after the blower is fully installed.


The grounding of blower shell or motor shell must be reliable.

Forbidden to rotate in the opposite direction, to run with over-fixed current, and to run without phase.

○Do not maintain while blower is running.

A properly installed side channel blower can provide efficient gas handling capacity.

Also ensure safe and stable operation, reduce the failure rate and maintenance costs.

So, do you know it now?



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