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TG250-B Air Bearing Turbo Blower for Material industry

TG250-B Air Bearing Turbo Blower TypeMotor PowerPressure(kPa)Air Flow(m³/min)Dimension(mm)Outlet diameter(mm)(hp)(kW)LWHTG250-B25018540250240013002000DN 40060168190010001800DN ……

TG250-B Air Bearing Turbo Blower

TypeMotor PowerPressure
Air Flow
Dimension(mm)Outlet diameter
TG250-B25018540250240013002000DN 400
60168190010001800DN 300

Flow measurement conditions: 1atm; 20℃,60%RH

According to the actual situation error range: flow ±4%, power ±5%

Power input: three-phase 380V-440V, 50HZ/60HZ


Air Bearing Blower utilizes a high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor in a direct-drive structure, integrating the centrifugal impeller with the motor drive as a unified system.

Through the use of built-in displacement sensors, it continuously monitors the vibrations and spatial clearances of the rotor shaft.

The acquired signals are then sent to the magnetic levitation bearing controller, where they are adjusted, analyzed, and computed to generate a control current.

This current is fed into the magnetic levitation bearing’s coil windings, producing an electromagnetic force that achieves the suspension of the rotor shaft, thereby creating a frictionless, highly efficient operation.

Maglev turbo blower appearance


1. Magnetic suspension bearing shaft

2. No contact, no hair wetting, no wear

3. Real-time monitoring of rotor bearing status to ensure safe operation

4. Auxiliary landing bearing, can active adjustment of rigidity/damping

5. There is no limit to the number of starts and stops used, which can prevent stall.

Application Industry

Sewage Treatment/Cement industry/Food industry/Chemical industry/Textile/Papermaking industry/Steel industry/Thermal Power industry/Pringting & Dyeing industry etc,.

Reference comparison

Contrast SchemeRoots BlowerMaglev Turbo Blower
Outlet Pressure (kPa)8080
Air Flow (m³/min)7171
Motor Power (kW)13290
Operating Power (kW)12890
Annual Electricity Consumption (Yuan)1075200 (8400H/Y)75600 (8400H/Y)
Annual Electricity Charge(Yuan)860160 [0.8/(kW*H)]604800 [0.8/(kW*H)]
Annual Maintain Charge(Yuan)10000*22000*2
Annual Operate Expenses (Yuan)880160608800
Annual Saving (Yuan)271360



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